Paddepoel Energiek for sustainable energy

Paddepoel Energiek aims to promote the sustainable generation and use of energy in the North-West districts of the city of Groningen in the context of an ambitious objective of the municipality- to be an energy-neutral city by 2035.

Strategies and PRactices

Paddepoel Energiek is a neighborhood initiative dating back to and officially baptized as a foundation on 24 Feb 2016.  The first energy-saving project in Paddepoel was carried out in 2012. This project was carried out in 2012 by Els Struiving, Simon Boven and Henk-Jan Falkena. It was a success: thirty people participated. Together they invested 100,000 euros, received a discount through joint purchasing and a subsidy of 12,000 euros, and they now save about 11,000 euros annually. At the beginning of 2016, the initiative received a so-called kickstarts subsidy from the municipality of Groningen for future developments. Paddepoel Energiek organizes an energy consultation for tenants and buyers every week.

This initiative is carefully planned and coordinated by a board consisting of a chairman, treasurer, vice-chairman, secretary, ordinary members, and trainees.  The strictly organized board is supported by Grunneger Power and Grek – both regional umbrella organizations helping citizen initiatives in fostering the energy transition.

The Province of Groningen will support Paddepoel Energiek because this project has the potential to transform the neighborhood to be energy-neutral by 2019.


Paddepoel Energiek is concerned not only with making the neighborhood more sustainable for environmental reasons but also reaching to people who would like to do something for the community and bring people into contact with each other. The initiative provides information amongst other about optimal behavior when using energy,  adjusting homes to reduce the consumption of energy, self-generation of energy, new energy solutions for the neighborhood. It is also connections between neighborhood residents and improving decision-making skills; Encouraging participation in joint investments in the generation of energy by solar panels, wind energy or a combination of these and organizing neighborhood activities. It is an entirely volunteer-based initiative, especially regarding administrative work.

To put it in a nutshell

Paddepoel Energiek is a voluntary project for the sustainable generation and use of energy within a neighbourhood.

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