De Wandeling – An utopic dream in the park

De Wandeling is a spin-off initiative of The Free Cafe.De Wandeling wants to create a beautiful spot in the Stadspark. An attraction in the most prominent recreational park of the city where the inhabitants and visitors of Groningen are welcome to enjoy nature, for some coffee and tea, to join a workshop and for a free meal.

Strategies and practices

It is a social initiative whose mission it is to create an environment where everybody feels welcome and get the space to find their own place. Everybody is welcome as a visitor and to help. Schedules will be used, but anyone can also just walk in and help. There is a low threshold to become active, and this can be done at one’s own pace and manner.


With a fully sustainable approach, De Wandeling wants to show what is possible with materials that are in abundance and will make the knowledge and techniques available to all to apply this in people’s private lives. De Wandeling aims to develop sustainable facilities with these materials including power generation, eco-toilets, greywater filtering, rainwater systems and compost processing. The development and construction of these facilities are done in publicly accessible workshops so that everyone can learn the techniques, develop skills and gain experience.

De Wandeling sees an opportunity to offer and facilitate a wide range of activities. The park and the location of the former basketball field provide the opportunity to create a piece of wonderland where people can enjoy peace and nature.

To put it in a nutshell

With the accommodation, we create a social meeting place where you can eat together, work together on creating meals and where workshops can be followed in the fields of nature, sustainability, and creativity.

Further information

More information on De Wandeling can be found here: