Self – Organisation and the Co – Production of Governance: The challenge of local responses to Climate Change

The arena of locally embedded and engendered responses to climate change offers a particularly fruitful and challenging space in which to scrutinise the encounters between established forms of governance and knowledge as they become entwined with locally generated forms of self – organisation. The issue of climate change offers a particul arly fertile case for study because to date it has largely been dominated by state and market – based responses and associated forms of governance selectively articulated with knowledge generated through scientific and expert modes of knowledge. Drawing on c omparative research the article investigates how place – based forms of self – organisation relate to existing governance’, knowledge and action. The article draws on case studies of self – organising locally based groups in Germany , the Netherlands and the Unit ed Kingdom that are addressing climate change, in a broad sense, within their locality. These groups represent a range of responses to the issue and associated modes of action, exhibit different levels and forms of ‘organisation’ and interface with more es tablished forms of governance in different ways.

Workingpaper_Self Organisation and Co-Production of Governance