Garden District under the sun

Tuinwijk in het Zonnetje is a local collective initiative, a joint effort of residents acting for and throughout the neighborhood.  Since 2012 the initiative accomplished two big projects. Currently, about two-thirds of the rooftops in the area are covered with solar panels. The initiative is often used as a successful example of engaging citizens in sustainability transitions.

Strategies and PRactices

The idea of doing an initiative with collectivist intent came into existence when a local resident who decided to have a rooftop PV asked his neighbors if they are interested in joining in a collective endeavor. Overseeing the possibilities this would bring to the entire district soon their idea reached the local community center and was presented to a broader audience. The initiative invested in having a shared, neighborhood project, which makes the area both more sustainable and contributes to the overall livability of the area. The results should not be only good for the environment but also affordable. Possible profits should flow back to the residents and the neighborhood. Be inclusive and show respect to all residents and building at the area and offer simple, transparent in the process of planning and implementation. The results should be something that Tuinwijkers can really be proud of.

At the moment, TIHZ is actively working to expand its horizons for further developments, such as better insulation, a new central heating system or perhaps more solar panels.


The initiative is aiming for transforming the district into a more sustainable place to live by setting up a collective solar rooftop project which is organized for and by the people who live in the area. This not only provides a greener and more sustainable neighborhood but also a more pleasant living environment. Everyone who lives in the Tuinwijk, regardless of whether they are tenants or buyers, gets a chance to participate.

To put it in a nutshell

A neighbourhood initiative that has created a community and a better quality of life through the joint construction and use of photovoltaic systems.

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