Support urgently needed! – How to attract new staff

Paying members and donations represent a good basis for the implementation of projects. However, even more important are motivated participants who work voluntary by their own choice. Due to the fact that staff rarely pops up by itself, you need to get active and mobiles them.

Where and how to find voluntary participants

Friends, Contacts, Relatives

Who-knows-who: This is the motto. Somebody always knows someone who can get inspired about an activity. If people know each other before starting an activity together, both sides benefit from a relationship where trust is pre-existing, and the inhibition threshold is significantly minor. This represents a win-win situation. Hence: Direct questioning through personal addressing, phoning or Facebook to ask for contribution is useful.

Activating passive members

Think about inspiring/mobilizing passive members, they are already interested in the concern anyway. Sometimes it just needs new stimulation or a clear instruction.

Searching via “job vacancy”

A further idea would be to spread flyers or display posters around the initiative’s facilities comprising a “job vacancy”. In this way you may reach people who are already interested in the association/project because they hang out there frequently. However, such a vacancy could also get posted in the local newspaper to stimulate people of the surrounding area. If you have already a homepage, it is very useful to post and highlight your job vacancy also there.

If you want to convince others about your activities, you must communicate with them. It requires continuous public relation work, such as events, movies, reports, flyers, etc. to get attention of others. A member who manages to inspire others about the initiative’s activities will simultaneously demonstrate that engagement is worthily and profitable.

Promoting for support on platforms

There are plenty of platforms on the internet which are specialised for temporal donations and voluntary work. They also comprise supply and demand of voluntarism.

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