TransitionHaus Bayreuth

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Social Initiative

The TransitionHaus Bayreuth offers space for various local sustainability initiatives. Different initiatives have the opportunity to execute own events in the house and to use the rooms for their own projects at fixed times.


Currently, there are 10 initiatives participating at the TransitionHaus Bayreuth and the organization always welcomes further initiatives. The already existing initiatives are for example the Flickwerk, the offene Werkstatt [open workshop], the Nähcafé [sewing café] and the Repaircafé. Hence, people have the opportunity to repair bikes, tailor, knit and create wooden and metal items under supervision. The Repaircafé was especially developed for giving refugees an opportunity to bring in their knowledge and skills.

Moreover, there are different initiatives engaging in the topic of sustainable food. So, the initiative Foodsharin“ attends to the fight against food waste in the form of awareness training and picking up goods from cooperation partners, e.g. supermarkets or bakeries. Furthermore, the initiative SoLaWi (Solidarische Landwirtschaft = community-supported agriculture) is working from the TransitionHaus. This producer-consumer community uses the house for networking, the distribution of food and supplying the initiative VolXküche, which is regularly preparing organic and vegan dishes in the TransitionHaus, with food.

Further initiatives are the Umsonstflohmarkt [Free stuff fleamarket] and Bunt statt braun [Colourful instead of brown]. Bunt statt braun is engaged with refugees and fights for their daily needs. It is using the house, for example, for information events but also in the context of the already mentioned Nähcafé and Repaircafé where refugees have the opportunity to bring in their skills.

Besides these initiatives, there exists a café in the TransitionHaus Bayreuth that works only on donation. People can meet there without having to pay for their drinks. So guests of the café can pay as much as they want for their meals and drinks. They also may bring their own food. In addition, every person has the opportunity to run hies/her own café and offer, for example, themed food or drinks.


The different initiatives, which are organized in the TransitionHaus Bayreuth, target sustainability through different projects. For example, the initiatives Flickwerk and Repaircafé are engaged in the sustainable utilization of resources. They support the reparation of not working products to fight against the throw-away mentality. The Flickwerk also supports eco-friendly aspect of cycling. The Umsonstflohmarkt, where no longer needed objects can be dropped off and picked up, supports the re-utilization of still intact objects and prevents throwing-away these.

The initiative Foodsharing fights the throw-away mentality in terms of food. There are more than 100 foodsaver active in Bayreuth. They collect the spare food from grocery stores and bring them to the various distributing places. The food can be picked up in the TransitionHaus and once a month there is a brunch with saved food.

The objective of the initiative SoLaWi is securing a sustainable development of agriculture. Through the cultivation of food, they strengthen the regional agriculture, increasing resilience and reducing the dependence of market mechanisms and economic interests.


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