Transition Keynsham

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transition keynshamTransition Keynsham was formed in 2009 by a small number of residents who shared a shared desire to create a better, more sustainable world – starting with their own town. Keynsham, a small market town between Bristol and Bath has a population of around 16,000 but it is rapidly growing. We see part of our role as helping to integrate the new residents into the town, helping them create a community that is resilient to economic and environmental shocks.

We are a Transition Town, and our goals are the same as the Transition movement – tackling issues that affect us all, including high food and energy prices, the deterioration of our environment and an increasingly commercialised childhood. Our aim is to learn – and help others learn – how to become more self-reliant, to fix rather than replace, and to live within our planetary boundaries. We work through Action Groups and initiatives, each one focusing on specific issues such as food, energy, waste and repurposing.

We are small in number but we have gained some successes: our Wombles group has over 100 volunteers who regularly pick up rubbish around the town; Keynsham Community Energy, which is working to provide green energy and energy efficiency across Keynsham; and the food group, which runs various projects from community veg growing to redistributing surplus fruit crops.We are looking forward to working with SELFCITY, to help us develop an engagement plan with our town’s residents, new and old, and to grow in reach and influence with the district’s decision makers.

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