Upcycling! Waldsassen has got a “Green Dome” now!

Our team members from KlimaKom engaged in building a “Green Dome” together with refugees and people active in refugee relief and the ecostation in Waldsassen. This project was part of an intercultural action day which took place in the beginning of June.

A Green Dome is mostly built out of old planks from slatted frames and will be decorated with plants. This dome now constitutes the central point of coming-together in the intercultural garden in Waldsassen!

Here’s the link to the german article, where you can also find a picture of the dome!

learning to talk about climate change issues – communication and public engagement on climate change

As part of the work of the UK team, SELFCITY-UK has been invited to take part in an ESRC-funded seminar that will explore how we (as researchers) talk to others who are interested in climate change issues beyond our own academic communities.  The SELFCITY project is part of the ESRC’s investment in climate change research and as such the SELFCITY-UK team will look to both learn from and pass on good practice in communication and public engagement when it comes to understanding the challenge of climate change.  This is all taking place at the LSE in London on March 8th.  We will pass on what we learn.

Getting out in the field

by Ian Smith

After all the reading, from my perspective as an empirical researcher, the most interesting part is always when I get out (or get let out?) to talk to people.  Thus it is with great excitement that we are starting to organize the first workshop with our partners in Transition Keynsham.  We are looking at March 14th.  The aim of this first workshop is to establish what we (as the SELFCITY-UK team) and what our partners in Transition Keynsham want to find answers for together when it comes to understanding how community-led responses to climate change can be made more effective (as well as working out what ‘effective’ might mean in this context).  Post-its and hob-nobs at the ready!